Vtech Toys for 2 Year Olds

In search of educational learning toys for your little one? We hear you! Nowadays, electronic toys for the youngest at home are simply the norm. You can find them in all sizes and shapes and, of course, aimed at different development stages. So today, we’ll be showing you different Vtech toys for 2-year-olds and more.

Vtech toys for 2-year-olds are a great way to encourage and support your child’s imagination. Needless to say, these also make for great birthday gifts, so you can make your child, niece, nephew, or little cousin very happy. We all know how important it is to engage children in different activities, which is excellent for their health and development and keeps them focused, disciplined, and entertained.

If you are currently searching for the best Vtech toys for 2-year-olds, you are in the right place. Below, we’ll share some of the best options now available in the market for your consideration. With so many choices, sometimes picking the right Vtech toy for your toddler may seem a bit confusing. Keep scrolling down as we show you some of the best Vtech toys for 2-year-olds.

Vtech Toys for 2 Year Olds FAQs

What is a VTech toy?

  • Founded in 1976, VTech is a global leader in manufacturing electronic learning toys for infants and toddlers and has built a reputable brand that many parents love. VTech toys are one of the market leaders for these types of toys.
  • VTech is a world leader in age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning products for children. As a pioneer in the learning toy category, VTech develops high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children’s development and make learning fun.

Are VTech toys good?

Many use numbers, letters, and pictures to teach essential words and maths skills. These benefits make VTech toys among the best learning toys on the market and immensely popular with parents and children.

Is VTech a good brand for toys?

While many electronic toys are on the market today, VTech is one of the most popular brands available. Known for toys that encourage interactive play, VTech consistently manufacturers best sellers in the toy category.

What are some of the benefits of Vtech Toys for 2 Year Olds?

  • Young children use their senses to explore the world around them and learn new things.
  • When playing with Vtech toys, two-year-old toddlers develop fine and gross motor skills and practice their balance and hand-eye coordination.
  • These educational toys can help two-year-old children develop and practice their senses, helping them learn about the world around them in a fun and engaging way.

Vtech Toys for 2 Year Olds

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is an interactive desk and includes five activity pages to explore filled with engaging content.

The 3-in-1 desk encourages creativity and learning with an interactive desktop, chalkboard, and easel. Flip the desktop up to reveal compartments for easy storage for art supplies and masterpieces.

Five included activity pages contain more than 200 touches and learn spots and help introduce letters, numbers, music, colors, and more. The desk also comes with a stool perfectly sized for kids.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink


  • Learning Desk
  • Chalkboard
  • Art Station

VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet, Pink

Tablet for kids teaches letters, numbers, shapes, and more; 10+ pretend apps and activities engage your child in imaginative play.

Kids tablet has a swipe and taps light-up screen; 160+ playful songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases are included.

The electronic learning toy opens up pretend email and checks the weather and time just like mom and dad; an infant learning toy has a bright light-up screen. Toddlers can tap on Cody the VTech Smart Cub to interact with him as they play.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet, Pink


  • 0.15 Pounds
  • Tablet
  • Touch Screen

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

Play ten musical learning games to introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time, and more. Dance around, then freeze when the music stops with the interactive dancing game.

Choose from various songs and play them in three music styles: classical, hip-hop and rock. The music player features an Instrument Remix mode that lets kids choose from piano, xylophone, saxophone, violin, or guitar to play different melodies and experiment with songs.

Parent-friendly features include volume control for quieter play, a durable design, and automatic shut-off. The player also features kid-safe headphones that limit the volume to protect little ears.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Rock and Bop Music Player


  • Parent-Friendly
  • Kid-Safe Headphones
  • Plastic

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Let the games begin! Toss the basketball into the hoop to score points, or kick the soccer ball into the net to hear fun sounds.

The scoreboard counts the baskets, promoting cause and effect and introducing numbers. Press buttons, turn gears, and flip pages to learn about shapes, numbers, and more. Everyone’s a winner with the Smart Shots Sports Center.

Turn the gears or press the shape buttons to introduce shapes, numbers, and playful sounds. Tossing and kicking the ball builds motor skills.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Smart Shots Sports Center


  • Plastic
  • LED Scoreboard
  • 2-in-1

VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox, Multicolor

Fix and play with the Drill and Learn Toolbox by VTech; open this toddler-friendly toolbox and get ready for role-play fun with the included electronic fix-it tray, working toy drill, hammer, wrench, nails, and screws.

Working drill spins the gears and drills screws into the electronic tray’s holes; turn the gears to build motor skills and hear mechanical clicking sounds.

Press light-up buttons for fun songs and learn about various tools, how they’re used, and the sounds they make. Insert the double-sided instruction cards and learn about colors and numbers while pretending to make repairs; includes an electronic fix-it tray, drill, hammer, wrench, nails, and screws.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox, Multicolor


  • Plastic
  • Light-Up Buttons
  • Interactive Toolbox
  • Musical

VTech Touch and Teach Sea Turtle Interactive Learning Book

A holographic cover, bright colors, and light-up buttons draw a child’s attention. Sea creatures fill this story with learning focused on letters, numbers, colors, and animals with three learning modes.

Encourage motor skills with a fish that rotates and makes a clicking sound. Take a deep dive into early reading!

Explore, and Letter modes build vocabulary with words about sea creatures, weather, letters, numbers, and colors. Learn about the music scale and play piano notes using the eight piano keys in Music mode.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Touch and Teach Sea Turtle Interactive Learning Book


  • Three Play Modes
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Eight Interactive Pages

VTech Sort and Discovery Activity Cube

Watch your child slide, press, roll, and flip the fun features on the cube to build important developmental benefits.

The cube includes six activities and two electronic panels introducing colors, numbers, animals, and objects. The various activities play more than 75 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases to keep your child engaged while learning.

Pressing the different keys introduces numbers, colors, and music. Turn the pointer to learn about animals and objects.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Sort and Discovery Activity Cube


  • Musical Book Pages
  • Light-Up Piano Keys
  • Animal Spinner

VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

This VTech sit-to-stand ultimate alphabet train is an online exclusive colored in Blue. Push toy is designed to grow with your child; the toy train can be used as a floor toy, a ride-on that transforms into a baby walker, or a pull toy wagon they can fill with toys.

Learning toy comes with ten activities, including a storybook, clock, gears, and more; 13 double-sided alphabet blocks build fine motor skills and introduce letters, numbers, colors, etc.

For toddler role-play toy fun, the included walkie-talkie and number pad encourage role-play and introduce numbers and animals; counting toy plays more than 100 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.

vtech toys for 2 year olds: VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train


  • Role-Play Fun
  • Walker
  • Grows With Your Child

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